WHEN REGINA TÖRNWALL finished school she chose to work as a truck driver to earn money. The job was unexpected and a perfect reflection of Regina. “It was easy money, easy people and I could shut my brain off. I can’t think of anything more non-creative, so it was a good mix for me. I could take all my creativity and focus on my company. The money I made from truck driving I invested in my passion.”

Regina moved from her hometown – “I felt trapped in the small town” – to Gothenburg to live in a big city and open herself to “more possibilities”. In 2005 she enrolled in an evening course at Makeupstudion, Gothenburg.

In between coffin bearing and driving trucks, Regina started to make her creative mark in the make-up industry. Her business was born after being asked to help out on a large project – she needed to provide an invoice for the work completed!

After her initial course, Regina continued studying, this time at Micha Weidner for special effects, mask and wig-making for five years. Over time other short courses were completed – hairstyling, fashion, trend and airbrush make-up at Face Stockholm Makeup Studio (where she has her office today) and London College of Fashion.

Once she moved to Gothenburg, her friendship and work groups expanded. She describes Gothenburg as possessing camaraderie not evident in Stockholm, London or even New York.

Work is shared between creatives, recommendations flow between friends. Despite a solid group of friends and contacts in her current home city, Regina is planning a shift to New York in the near future.

Her clients and work vary and include Urban Outfitters – First Aid Kit, Volvo, Stylein, Monki, Weekday and Dr Denim. Some of her more interesting projects have included the editorial shoot for 125 Magazine with photographer Aorta and Metallica and Lou Reed’s music cover shoot with photographer Anton Corbijn. Her real passion remains in fashion shows and makeup design and she harbours dreams of working in the movie industry.

Regina lives in a one-bedroom flat in the centre of Gothenburg. Having recently shifted to the apartment, decoration is a work in progress. Lights and wall hangings are scattered around the apartment and there is a collection of more than 1000 books waiting to be unpacked. Despite the clean and stark feel of her apartment, Regina describes herself as a hoarder.

A sign above the entrance warns: Beware: Pickpockets and Loose women. Regina tells me when she moved into the apartment, the previous tenants had left large decorative letters spelling ‘Love’. “They were not staying!”

We both agree that the replacement pieces work far better!


Feature image for 125 Magazine, Issue 17. Make-up by Regina and Photography by Aorta.