MAREK WORE a colourful, checked shirt the day we met. It was in Prague and we were both tired from the night before. He reminded me of a young Johnny Depp. We spoke over afternoon KFC.

Talk roamed from growing up in country towns, to travelling, family, design and life. Marek spent his childhood in a small town in Moravia.

Marek is passionate about design, a trait shared with his mother. He studied graphic design at Tomas Bata University, Zlin, a small town in Moravia, Czech Republic.

He is about to start out with a well-known digital design agency and is getting excited about what the future holds. He still freelances where and when he can.

Digital platforms are an important focus for Marek. “It’s a big challenge, bringing lots of possibility.”

Marek intends to utilise his skills in traditional print graphic design, illustration and typography in the digital space and intends to “some day” enter fashion.

From KFC, we head to his apartment. It has a stunning, spiral staircase and it is at its very top that we enter Marek’s apartment. He lives here alone. It’s precisely kept; neat, ordered and decorated with thought and care. He has a shelf filled with icons, from Elvis and Marilyn to Warhol’s soup cans.

He has a magazine collection containing GRAPHIS magazines, issued in 1972 Switzerland. It would have been impossible to acquire this publication in communist Czechoslovakia at the time. GRAPHIS is an international graphic and applied art magazine. The magazines, they’re prized possessions.

At one point he shows me his jacket collection, resplendent with blocks of bold, bright colour. “This is the type of work I want to do. I don’t think there are many good designs on fabrics; they could be done so much better.”