JAKE SPRINGTHORPE AND ALINA PEDKO met a few years back and in 2010 started clothing label The Resting Bones. I met with them at their home on the Gold Coast, an old weatherboard kitted out in a mixture of cute, vintage, trippy and hippy stylings.

At the time of taking the photos, Jake and Alina were sharing their house with Jordan Malane from Australian band, The Bleeding Knees Club. Now Jordan has moved to Melbourne and Alex Wall (another member of the same band) has taken his place. The band started through a series of exhibitions called No Waves, which Jake was involved with. They shared a love for music and art and the band grew out of these relationships.

After talking to the couple for only a short time, it’s evident they are excited by working together; about learning, collaborating and being open to new opportunities.

Alina and Jake, who are also in a relationship, share most aspects of the business. Alina does however, do the majority of design work and makes all clothes sold under their label. Jake helps out with the other areas of the business – his background is in graphic design and he has also curated a number of exhibitions and events along the coast in addition to those from No Waves.

Relaxed and at ease, they very much fit the chilled-out, coastal vibe. As I took photographs, they pottered about their house, showing off their pets and their mutual admiration for one another.

The Resting Bones is still considered a fairly new label; its first collection debuted in 2011. Their range is currently stocked at stores in the Gold Coast, Sydney and soon, Melbourne.

A few questions from Slanted Mansion:

How did you come up with the name?

A: It’s inspired by Otis Redding lyrics from Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay.

What are your roles within the business?

J: We're both involved in every aspect of The Resting Bones – and there’s a lot to cover, from garment construction, textile design, catalogues etc…

What’s The Resting Bones style?

J: Psychosexual/spiritual.

Did you both have creative parents?

A: My mum makes paper mache planets and dioramas.

Why live in the Gold Coast? Why not Melbourne or Sydney? What does the Gold Coast have that makes it more appealing?

J & A: It’s a rad lifestyle; you have the ocean, rainforest, hinterland and city at your doorstep. There’s usually something weird to get up to. It’s good to get away to Sydney and Melbourne but we wouldn't consider leaving here any time soon.

What do you think the Coast could really do with?

J: More live music venues

You’re both new to the business, what’s been the biggest learning curve?

We have to figure everything out by ourselves so almost everything we do is a new learning curve. It seems to get better and better with time as we dig deeper into every aspect of the design process. Sometimes you will find retail stores or other sources telling you what they like or what is "in", but it’s best to just go with what you like and back it.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of the label?

Seeing people rocking our clothes, recently Gemma Ward was one of them!

What’s the next step?

Kicking off an online store that incorporates more than clothing. We’re thinking limited books and prints.

What inspires you both personally and creatively?

Good vibes and no television.

What are the names of your pets? And how do they manage to co-exist in the same house? Aren’t rats and cats century old enemies?

Oliver (Cat) and Basil (rat). Our little Oliver actually passed away just after these photos were taken. He was an amazing cat. Heaps of friends and family who have a hatred or fear of cats were turned easily by little Oliver. I guess that’s why they seemed to get along so well. We let them play all the time and Oliver would just watch Basil running circles around him.

From The Resting Bones Winter 2012 collection. Photo: therestingbones.com