MEET BUBBA, a multi-talented musician, producer and graphic designer from Reykjavik, Iceland. Currently pursuing her musical ambitions with Swedish singing partner, My, the duo just finished recording with Noah Georgeson in L.A.

Now based in Iceland, Bubba previously spent a seven-year stint in Lund, Sweden, where she completed a photography and graphic design course, a creative route similar to her mother’s. And although Bubba was passionate about music from a young age, she had no desire to study this or affiliate her hobby with anything work related. “I wanted it for myself. To me, music was just something I did for fun, with friends, to pass time and enjoy.”

She met her music partner, My, after university when she was living in Copenhagen for a period. “I saw an ad that she was looking for a roommate. I replied and shortly after, I moved in. While unpacking my bags I heard her sing so I grabbed her by the arm and asked her to sing along on a song I was writing. After that we spend most of our evening humming homely hymns together.”

Their break came on a chance encounter whilst in Copenhagen. “We went to this open mic event in a bar and played a couple of songs.” An Italian café owner cycling by heard them, stopped, and asked them to play in his café. “We didn’t take it very seriously but gave him our email.”

Shortly after, a friend of his contacted them to invite them on a tour in Italy. “Our first question when we were invited to play was how long the set had to be since we only had two songs. It was at least forty minutes so we wrote ten more songs in two weeks and packed our bags.”

Despite this abrupt and challenging start, the tour awakened their desire to pursue music more fully and Bubba describes the experience as “something like a dream.” The pair are now writing their second full-length album. Once released, they will hit the road again.

Away from touring, her home in Iceland provides Bubba with a life of calm contentment. “It’s small and easy going…I really enjoy the simplicity of it. And you can go swimming at the local pool after work and take really long, guilt-free showers.”

Interview: Siobhan Frost
Words by: Charlotte Cowling