slanted mansion looks into the lives of creative people from all over the world. From well explored to slightly less travelled locations, artists invite slanted mansion into their homes and studios to take a look around and hear some stories.

We have some fledgling artists, some street artists, some raging success stories and some who are still chipping away. We have spaces that would look quite at home in the glossy pages of an interiors mag, and some that trail with wires and are cluttered with works in progress and wood shavings.

This mix is part of what makes up slanted mansion. And to us, none of this makes our interviewees any less important or inspiring – they are all talented, hard-working doers with a lot of character.

When slanted mansion first began, it wasn’t just about the space of these creative characters, but how they are inspired by them, how they have made them unique to their personalities and their work – almost a physical extension of their creative minds and process bundled into a room or two. And yet, there’s more to it than that – one room represents where they work, but an entire country, or the country of their relatives, or an imagined place might be the thing that really drives the work they do.

Selected Press – Online
Sight Unseen
Urban Outfitters
Frankie Magazine (past newsletter)
Miss Moss
Depto 51

Selected Press – Print
Yen Magazine